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Your plan of action iML

Here is an action plan that is worth completing to get you moving forward… (as shared by Linda Helin)

Welcome to your NEW Lifestyle

We, the management, want to welcome you to iMarketsLive, (IML), and greatly appreciate you joining us on this venture. We have created a training to help ensure that you are off to a great start in marketing your new business. Knowing your product is essential. We are providing much more than a product: we are offering a true lifestyle change. We would like to start by getting you closer to reaching your dreams.

For me to be wealthy, I will be able to do the following (10 things)

marketing strategy and plan iMLExample:
1. Take my grandchildren to Disney Land
2. Pay for the wedding of my daughter’s dreams

List your top ten, you could say your bucket list;

Set goals to create wealth

A good system is called getting goals on the go. Every Sunday night create 5 goals for the week, put them on a post-it or an index card. Write notes all week long about the moments that are helping you achieve your goals.

1. Share IML with 3 people every day. Give out your card and in turn take their information.
Keep a list of individuals to whom you handed your information to.

2. Call 3 leaders you are working with every morning to create a plan of action for the day.

What are your 5 goals for Week 1 in IML?

we can do it with imarkets liveStep 2 – Set up a budget that is not only realistic, but also relieves financial stress.

Rent or mortgage

Complete this list, add it all together then add 20%, that is your basic number, then divide by 4 and this will give you a base to work with weekly. Add up any credit card debit divide by 12 and add that to the monthly.
Step 3. Review the marketing portion of your IML website and explore the various levels of achievement in your pay plan.

There are two sides to this business. The Trading side and the Marketing side. Some of you are learning both of these professions at the same time. Keep in mind to separate the trading from the marketing.


We have put together something very special in the trading side. A safety net for you, no guarantees, but the net is sure nice to have.

The Live training room for trading is open from 9:00AM EST – 5:00PM EST Monday to Friday. With the Executive package, the Trade Signal Service is included. IML’s Trade Signal Service gives you access to the SAME BUY & SELL Signals received by our traders in the Live Trading Room. In simple terms, it allows you set your signal on automatic and benefit whether you’re at your computer or on vacation. Now, set aside the evening or weekends to share this opportunity with those you know, love and care about.


On the marketing side, there are 2 markets we will discuss. Your Warm market and your Cold market. Your Warm market is all those individuals that you know and know of. Your Cold market is those individuals that you have never spoken with and do not know.

Create a list of your Warm market leads.

imarkets live referrals planHere are some helpful suggestions for your Warm market:

Your cell phone is the best resource to get you started.

Who are you spending money with to live your life?
Who is your Insurance Agent?
Who did you buy your car from?
Who do you buy your clothes from?
Who sold you your house?
Who do you buy your airline tickets from?
Who’s your doctor?
Who does your taxes?
Who is your Dentist?
Who cuts your hair?
If your car broke down at midnight, who would you call?
Imagine you are getting married,create a guest list for 200

To create a Cold list, use Google, it is an internet marketer’s dream.
Create a list of businesses and focus on a different one each day.

Super! Now you have your lists. What’s next?

A) Call your sponsor and schedule 3-way calls. In the beginning, use your sponsor’s expertise, their story. Always be available for every 3-way call you schedule, with you making the introduction. It is extremely important that you edify your sponsor. What a great way for you to learn!

B) We want you to adopt a new mindset. You are not recruiting people, you are sponsoring them. The word sponsor comes from the word responsibility.

Let’s take it to the next step and say that we are interviewing people. One of the keys to success is to surround yourself with people of the same mindset, as well as those who are open minded people. The first 6 Independent Associates that you sponsor are so important. We are now going to plan together, the criteria for your first 6 Independent Associates:

CEO – Someone who has held a management position, they somehow manage to get it all done. This person is up on current events and loves to trend businesses. They are a self starter and would run into the fire without thinking.

Example: In a job for a long time and nowhere to go but ready to rock and roll. A baby boomer that had their career shortened due to a downturn in the economy.

plan to get referrals imlWhere do you find these people?

a. Your small business owner
b. The Chamber of Commerce
c. Go shopping at noon; this is when the part time staff is on

List at least 3 CEO’s

CFO – Someone who was in the banking industry, and/or mortgage business. Real Estate agents are also great candidates. This personality type can handle money and investing. Key factors are that they have really big dreams.

Example: Real Estate industry has been hit hard, great place to start. Hairdressers are also great with people along with bartenders.

Where do you find these people?

a. Look in the newspaper for reduced price homes and find the real estate office it belongs to.
b. Read the newspaper, follow the larger firms that are doing layoffs.
c. Join forums online for real estate and make friends.
d. Go to your bank, see who needs extra money.

List at least 3 CFO’s

COO – Someone that somehow makes the crazy daily chores always work. They are in many different groups and love to work hard and long hours. They also love to remind everyone of what’s coming.

Example: Single parent homes is a perfect place to start, they are used to juggling everything. Anyone who leads a group like the PTA or the church choir.

Where do you find these people?
a. After schools programs.
b. Go to different schools and ask for the PTA members information.
c. Reach out to your local charter branch of different causes in your town.
d. Look for the day care centers and ask if you can share your opportunity with the parents of the children there.]

List at least 3 COO’s
VP of Sales – Someone who can sell you a vacuum when you have no carpet.

Example: Who sold you your last car? I am sure they are feeling the economy. Someone who doesn’t take no for an answer or can take no for an answer without getting hurt.

if can dream it you can do it with imarkets liveWhere do you find these people?
a. Need to find people that are in a commission based business
b. Find the mother of the child that wins the most cookies sold for the PTA
c. Go car shopping or simply just go shopping. The one that sells you, that is who you want in your business.

List at least 3 VP of sales

VP of Human Resource – Someone who loves to mentor and train. Posses a rare quality of finding the best in everyone and bringing it front and centre.

Example: School teacher is perfect and they have the time, plus their mentor instincts are great for this business. A college student, young enough to have energy and needs to find a place in the workforce this would be a great career experience.

Where do you find these people?
a. Go to colleges and work with the job placement office
b. Find out where the conferences are held in your area and visit the events
c. Create surveys in malls
d. Social media put up a Facebook Page

List at least 3 VP of HR

A Family Member – We all have one that never grew up and always has their hand out. Example: we all have one that needs..

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