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Getting Started in Leaf

Get your business under way immediately now by following these simple steps:
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First Name:


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  1. Open your FREE Leafit account….yes it’s completely FREE to join

2. Lock in your position in the Leafit Matrix and opt to become a distributor immediately for $40 and get paid on all 9 levels of commission with the app.

3. Now simply find 1-3 people or more to start receiving monthly payments from the matrix.

You will have received an email from me with my contact details. Send me a message and I will show you exactly how I am growing my Leafit business.

I will give you a private ‘one 2 one’ tour which will demonstrate how to make the most out of Leafit and ensure you have everything set up correctly and answer any questions you may have….my contact details will be in your email inbox.

If you haven’t received the email yet enter your preferred email address here and receive all future updates too.

step-3Once you have joined Leafit – I will also explain how you can get your own personal version of the same sales presentation that you watched to bring you here.


You can watch the presentation again by clicking here.